We offer two main categories of chronic implants: re-usable standard and disposable custom drives. Re-useable drives come with 8 and 16 channels with an easy-fit Axona connector and 32 channels with a MillMax connector. These are attached to a sturdy steel frame and include a fixed ground wire. The tetrodes are all driven simultaneous with one screw, and the travel distance for the is 6mm.

Custom drives all have MillMax connectors and come with 8 to 64 channels. Each tetrode can be driven individually, although if you would rather drive them in groups, we can modify the design for you.Travel distance for custom drives is 4-5mm; for a fee (~£10), the drive bodies can be milled to accommodate larger screws and up to 10mm driving distance.

With the custom drives you can have single- or multi-site implants within a single drive, optogenetic fiber ports, etc. The exit points of the tetrodes can be situated in an number of places to best accommodate your implant site position.

We do not currently offer Omnetics connector drives; please see the FAQ on our website for more information about your Omnetics options with us.

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